Cache Valley Mountain Man Rendezvous

April 3rd – 6th, 2024  |  10 AM-5 PM

Cache Valley Mountain Man Rendezvous is part of the Baby Animal Days Festival Lineup!


Go back in time to the Cache Valley Mountain Man Rendezvous! Come and learn about the life of the Mountain Men. Check out Traders Row, throw a tomahawk, and become a Mountain Man with a skill demonstration.

Visit Traders Row

Take a step back in time and browse and purchase trade goods that would have been available when the Mountain Men were in Cache Valley. Remember to bring your cash or credit cards If you’re running short on beaver pelts to trade!

Traders, please email achristensen@awhc.org for more information and to preregister.

Primitive Skills Demonstrations

Come and listen to instructions and demonstrations on primitive skills, such as flint and steel fire starting, flint napping, scrimshaw, bullet making, fur identification, leather working, history of the mountain man and more!

If you have a primitive skill you would like to share please give us a call at 435-245-6050 or email us at heritagecenter@awhc.org for more information.

Throw a Tomahawk

Learn what it takes to throw a tomahawk and experience the thrill when your throw sinks into the wooden log with a satisfying thunk.

Competitions will also be available to the public and visiting Mountain Men in primitive clothing.


Black Powder Fun Shoot

Shooters dressed in primitive pre-1840’s clothing are invited to participate in our fun shoot.  Due to range restrictions we are required to shoot with light loads. The entry fee is $15.

Food Vendors

American West Heritage Center Kettle Corn Concessions

Frying Pan Toss!

Primitive Camping!

Email achristensen@awhc.org for more information and to preregister.

Questions, please email us!

Booshway: Medicine Hawk (Jody Reese) at jreese@awhc.org

Segundo: Little Bear (Adam Christensen) at adamchristensen@awhc.org

All Ticket Purchases Are Final. No Refunds Will Be Given.