If you are a vendor and would like to come and have some fun with us at one of our events, you’ve come to the right place!

Some of our events are more conducive to vendors than others, and some of our events are still growing, but if you’d like to participate, fill out an application and we‘ll do everything we can to accommodate you.

Common vendor offerings might include:

  1. Lunch, dinner, fresh foods & snacks (hand-dipped ice cream, popcorn, etc.)
  2. Pre-packaged snacks & specialty foods
  3. Hand-crafted items
  4. Antiques & heritage-related items
  5. Heritage services
  6. Books & publications
  7. Other

We have a Vendor Committee who selects vendors.

We try to limit the number of vendors at our events to maximize each vendor’s chance for success. Some events are very competitive, so we try to choose vendors who are most appropriate to our mission and atmosphere. To help judge whether or not you might be a good fit, consider the following:

The vendor fills a need for a particular event. (Food, for example, or pioneer items for a pioneer festival).

The vendor sells old-fashioned or heritage-related items.

The vendor demonstrates old-fashioned methods for creating what they sell.

The vendor’s display is conducive to our old-fashioned atmosphere.

The vendor has excellent customer service.

The vendor has prices conducive to AWHC guests.

The vendor sells something different and unique from other vendors.

The vendor has appropriate licenses, permits and insurance.

The vendor agrees to stay through the duration of each event.

Our most popular vendor event is Baby Animal Days. This festival, with upwards of 30,000 visitors annually is VERY competitive, and this year will be held over a period of nine days.

Prospective vendors for Baby Animal Days AND Mountain Man Rendezvous 2024 must have applications in by March 1, 2024.

Vendor applications for the Fall Harvest Festival are due September 20, 2024. 

If you would like to be a vendor, please fill out the linked PDF form FOR EACH EVENT you’d like to participate in. After your submission has been reviewed and approved, one of the following fees will be required:

$20 non-refundable reservation fee per event (one fee per week during Baby Animal Days).

All Vendors : 15% of revenue *Updated 2022 Vendor Application*

Non-profit Organizations : Usually FREE if you bring an activity for guests

Please email us for more information at: heritagecenter@awhc.org