Team Building



Peter Maughan Teamwork/Teambuilding/Leadership Course

 We customize your experience to fit the needs of your group size as well as the ages of the individuals in your group. 


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Our course is named after Peter Maughan who led the original group of settlers to Cache Valley and settled Maughan’s Fort. He and his family, along with six other families met many challenges as they struggled to establish a new life. They had to work and play well together to survive and thrive in the American West.

Modeled after the modern “low ropes” courses, this team-building package incorporates pioneer-themed obstacles such as river crossings, battling crickets, and out-running prairie fires. Build confidence, camaraderie, and cooperation in your team that will pay dividends all across your bottom line.

Leave the screens behind and develop face-to-face interpersonal skills between the members of your youth group. Using “low ropes” courses, your youth group will develop confidence, cooperation, and build friendships that last throughout their lives. Cross rivers. Outrun a prairie fire. Battle crickets. It’s just old-fashioned clean fun!