2024 Baby Animal Field Trips 
  • April 16th-19th
  • April 23rd-26th

Hold, pet, and interact with the furry farm animals. 

*1-Hour Field Trip*

2024 Spring Historic Field Trips
  • April 30th-May 3rd
  • May 7th-10th
  • May 14th-17th

See list of field trips and descriptions below.

Homeschool Field Trip Day

May 1st, 10:00-2:00

Includes Baby Farm Animals interaction AND 1917 Farm Site activities at a discounted rate of $6.00 per person. 

The train will also be up and running for you to enjoy during your field trip!


Fall Historic Field Trip

2024 dates coming soon

Experience fall on the farm with apple cider pressing, corn shelling, wheat threshing, and so much more!

Fall Homeschool Field Trip Day

2024 date & details coming soon

Times: 9:30am-2:30pm

Length: 2 hours (unless otherwise noted) Each program is designed to meet state curriculum standards. Field trips run Tuesday – Friday

Cost: $3.50/student per program

Optimal size: 60-70 students (maximum of 100 students) Activities are subject to change without notice according to availability and weather conditions.

Contact: Education Manager, Karen Larson, to schedule your AWHC field trip.




Before You Come
1917 Farm Life
Baby Animals
Harvest Time
Pioneer Life
Native American & Mountain Man

What Field Trips do we Offer

Baby Animal Days Field Trip – Students will learn what jobs our animals have on the farm and what the farmer needs to do to care for his animals.  Students will be instructed on how to properly hold, pet or interact with each animal.  This field trip last for 1 hour and is geared towards younger students; Preschool, Kindergarten & 1st grade age students. This field trip is held in the spring.

 Corn Maze Field Trip – Students are taught the importance of corn on the farm and have a hands-on activity of husking an ear of corn.  Participants are given a tractor drawn wagon ride around the farm as we look for all of the different farm animals that eat corn.  The tractor takes the participants out to the corn maze where they are given time to go through the maze and play in our corn maze play area.  This field trips lasts for 1.5 hours and is geared towards preschool and Kindergarten age students. This field trip is held in the fall.

 Mountain Man & Shoshone Field Trip– 1820 time period – Students will visit the trader cabin, learn how to make pemmican (a high energy food), how to build and take down a miniature size tipi, how to do beading and cordage (braiding), learn about trapping and furs and try their hand a throwing a tomahawk.  This is a 2 hour experience and is offered in the spring and fall.

 Pioneer Field Trip – 1860 time period – What was life like for the pioneers as they entered Cache Valley?  Students will visit our pioneer cabins and dugout, see how pioneers cooked, learn about pioneer school, how to do weaving, a game or two that pioneer children may have played, visit the woodwright shop and pull handcarts.  In the spring students will learn about wool & spinning and in the fall, students will dip candles. This is a 2 hour experience and is offered in the spring and fall.

 1917 Farm Field Trip – 1917 time period – Students will visit the farm shop where they will learn about the forge and repair jobs the farmer had. Students will visit the farmhouse, learn how to do laundry on the wringer washing machine, make butter (in the spring), play a game, learn about the outbuildings, and milk our cow.  In the fall students will learn about the harvest on the farm where they will husk and shell corn, help with cider pressing and learn about threshing the wheat along with some of the other spring activities as well.  This is a 2 hour experience and is offered in the spring and fall.

**Field trips are not included in memberships**