The American West Heritage Center
is proud to present

Baby Animal Days 2021

April 1-3

AND April 7-10

10 am – 6 pm

*Last tickets sold at 4pm **Bear line closes at 4:30pm


Baby Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center is back and better than ever! We are excited to offer MORE animals and MORE days to #experienceit. We are opening MORE space, and prepared to present a more individualized and physically distanced event. Choose your own adventure at Baby Animal Days 2021.

Exotics animals from Utah Petting Zoo Gone Wild available April 1-3 only.

Yellowstone Bear World’s bear cubs available April 7-10 only. 

Daily admission is limited, and all ticket sales are final. No refunds.   

Guests are required to wear face masks while visiting. Social distancing required. Hand sanitizer will be readily available throughout the farm.

Tickets are sold out for April 10th.  Come see us for Farm Animal Days April 17th and 24th.

April 7-10

Bear line closes at 4:30 pm

April 1-3

Member & Farm

Animal Only Days

April 5-6


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Q: Do I have to buy tickets online?

A: Due to COVID-19 restrictions currently in place, tickets will be limited to this event. To make sure you have a spot reserved for the day of your choice, we encourage you to purchase tickets in advance online.  

Q: Do I have  to wear a face mask?

A: Yes, in order to remain open and provide a safe environment for patrons and animals, we are requiring guests to wear face coverings, remain socially distanced from other households, and sanitize your hands before and after visiting each animal.

Q:  What if I don’t feel well, if it’s outside and lot’s of space provided may I still attend the event?

A:  If you do not feel well, we ask for the safety of patrons, staff, volunteers, and animals that you please safely take care of yourself somewhere other than the AWHC grounds and not attend the event.

Q: What is your social distancing policy?

A:  The AWHC grounds are significantly large enough to accommodate many patrons and their household members and still maintain social distancing standards of six feet between households.  Please take care to do your part to stay in your households and maintain social distancing of six feet or more between other non-household members.

Q:  What do you mean by more animals and more space?

A:  It means literally more animals over a larger, more spread-out configuration of our spacing at the AWHC.  It is our intention to provide each household with a chance to interact with animals in a setting where social distancing standards are maintained.  More viewing and interactive areas are planned for chicks, ducklings, calves, kids (baby goats), lambs, baby turtles, etc.  More space will be provided for the specialty animals to be viewed and displayed.  All in an effort to provide an outdoor, socially-disanced event for you and your household to enjoy.

Q: Will I be able to pet the animals?

A: Yes, most animals you will be able to interact with and pet. We do ask that you sanitize before and after petting them. There are exceptions; the bears, as always, will only be for your viewing pleasure. Also, you will only be able to view the piglets, and some of the exotic animals. USDA has provided us with COVID-19 guidelines for animal interaction.  Any animals that you will not be able to physically touch will be clearly marked as such.

Q: Will you be selling food?

A: On our main festival days (April 1-3 and 7-10) we will have food vendors and concessions available. On April 5 & 6 limited concessions will be available.

Q:  May we bring our own food?

A:  Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food.  Areas for picnicking on the grass as well as picnic tables will be available.

Q:  Will we be able to ride the train and ponies?

A:  Yes.  However, due to current restrictions for COVID-19 the train and ponies will be operating at limited capacity.   Please be patient as we work through the situation as effectively as possible.  

Q: If I buy passes for the event for one day are they good for any other days?

A: The passes you buy will allow you access to the event ONLY for the day you have selected.  If you would like to visit multiple days, please see our membership program by clicking here. 

Q: What if I have a question that isn’t answered by visiting

A: You may dial 435-245-6050 to visit with a representative of the AWHC during business hours or email



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