The American West Heritage Center’s Summer Camps provide campers the opportunity to experience day to day life as it was in the past. Experience unique opportunities and engage in hands-on outdoor activities and games.

Please bring a sack lunch & water bottle with you each day. Wear sunscreen and closed toe shoes. No flip flops or sandals please.

Please call 435-245-6050 if you have any questions.

 AWHC Members receive a 10% discount!

(Members please call and register/pay over the phone or in person to receive your discount)

**Located at the base of the beautiful Wellsville Mountains, the archery range is 65 feet deep with 8 targets and is available for public use.  For details on scheduling and pricing please call Chris at (435) 245-3798.  

Life on the Farm Camp

4-day camp, $149   |   9 am – 1 pm

Farms in 1917 were places of work and play. Campers will experience farm chores, making crafts, and playing games.

This camp will be offered for two age groups:

1st-3rd grades   |   4th-6th grades

Basic Survival Camp

4 day camp, $149   |   9 am – 1 pm

Join the summer camp experience that gives you days filled with adventure and fun! Campers will learn hands on basic survival skills, such as how to use a compass, tie knots, wilderness first aid, and more.

This camp will be offered to the age group of 4th-6th grades only.

*Camper must complete Level 1 before enrolling in Level 2.

Hot Shots Camp

2-day camp, $75   |   9 am – 1 pm

Kids will learn basic safety and skills for archery, bb guns, and tomahawks.  The supplies will be provided.

This camp will be offered to the age group of 4th-6th grades only.

Summer Camp Unplugged

(An Historic Stem Style Camp)

2 day camp, $75   |   9 am – 1 pm

How different would it be to move to a new place and have it be a blank slate? What would you have to create or build to make it a successful homestead? Join this summer camp and spend time building, testing, and learning!

Some activities will be building a kids cabin & teepee, testing out irrigation methods, and spending time building in the woodwright shop. 

This camp will be offered to the age group of 1st-3rd grades only.

Pre-School Camp

1-day camp, $29

(Guardian is not required to pay)

10 am – 1 pm

A fun filled day based on farm activities.

A parent/guardian will need to stay with the preschooler during camp.

This camp will be offered to 4 & 5 Year Olds

Grandparents Day Camp

1 day camp, $59

Ticket covers 1 Child and Grandparent(s)

*If an additional child is coming, you will need an additional ticket

9 am – 1 pm

If life on a 1917 farm consisted of work and play, we imagine that farm life with Grandparents would also include treats and a knee-slappin’ good time! Grab your favorite grandparent and spend the day together on the farm.

This camp will be offered to the age group of:

Grandparents & 1st-3rd grades.