The American West Heritage Center focuses on the time periods of 1820 to 1920. During those times, there were diverse cultures and activities to be found. The summer camp program’s goal has been and continues to be to create an educational and entertaining environment where children from the ages of 4 to 12 can experience hands-on activities that the children in the olden-day American West would have likely experienced.

Please bring a sack lunch & water bottle with you each day. Wear sunscreen and closed toe shoes. No flip flops or sandals please.

Please call 435-245-6050 if you have any questions.

 AWHC Members receive a 10% discount!

(Members please call and register/pay over the phone or in person to receive your discount)

Refund Policy

If a situation arises where your camper(s) are not able to attend, we adhere to the following refund policy: No refunds will be given for cancellations 2 weeks or less before the 1st day of camp. 2 weeks or more before the 1st day of camp will receive a 75% refund. Thank you!

 Life on the Farm Camp

4-day camp, $149   |   9 am – 1 pm

For young children, there is nothing greater than animals and games! This camp is built for kids who spend their days finding the fun in farm chores, such as milking the cow & feeding the chickens, and playing old farm games that they get to build themselves, such as buzz saws, harmonicas, and marbles.

This camp will be offered for two age groups:

1st-3rd grades   |   4th-6th grades

Camp Dates Available:

June 3rd-6th (1st-3rd grades) (FULL)
June 10th-13th (4th-6th grades)
July 8th-11th (1st-3rd grades) (FULL)

Basic Survival Camp

4 day camp, $149   |   9 am – 1 pm

The goal of Basic Survival Camp is to introduce or reiterate basic skills needed when recreating in the outdoors. The main skills this camp focuses on are tying popular knots, such as the bowline and slip knots, compass & map navigation, being conscious of surroundings and how to accurately describe an area for rescue if lost, wilderness first aid, and campfire & shelter building. Three days are spent learning and practicing each of these skills. On the fourth day, the children participate in a Wilderness Skills Challenge, where they each work at times on their own and as a team to demonstrate their ability to pass off each of their skills.

This camp will be offered to the age group of 4th-6th grades only.

Camp Dates Available:

June 3rd-6th (FULL)
July 8th-11th (FULL)

June 24th-27th (FULL)

Hot Shots Camp

2-day camp, $75   |   9 am – 1 pm

For the adventurous and outdoorsy types, there is the Hot Shots Camp. This camp focuses on how to safely participate in target activities, such as archery, BB guns, tomahawks, and slingshots. Our instructor will not only teach how to participate in these activities but also the respect needed for the equipment, other participants, and the range master so the whole group can have a great time!

The equipment will be provided.

This camp will be offered to the age group of 4th-6th grades only.

Camp Dates Available:

June 18th & 19th (FULL)
June 26th & 27th (FULL)
July 1st & 2nd (FULL)

July 8th & 9th

Summer Camp Unplugged

(An Historic Stem Style Camp)

2 day camp, $75   |   9 am – 1 pm

How different would it be to move to a new place and have it be a blank slate? What would you have to create or build to make it a successful homestead? Join this summer camp and spend time building, testing, and learning!

Children get hands-on experience with building homes, such as log cabins & teepees, irrigation methods, and the tools found and used in a woodwright shop, as well as the opportunity to create their own carvings out of soap.

This camp will be offered to the age group of 1st-3rd grades only.

Camp Dates Available:

June 18th & 19th (FULL)
June 24th & 25th (FULL)

Pre-School Camp

1-day camp, $29

(Guardian is not required to pay)

10 am – 1 pm

Four and five year olds are found in this camp which focuses on bringing together children’s literature with farm chores and activities. Our instructor brings to life a fun filled farm story by teaching how it corelates to different chores and activities to be found around the farm!

A parent/guardian will need to stay with the preschooler during camp.

This camp will be offered to 4 & 5 Year Olds

Camp Date Available:

July 1st (FULL)

 Science Camp on the Farm

2 day camp, $75

9 am – 1 pm

How well do you know the world around us? This camp focuses on using the STEAM process to discover the magic of the outside world. Kids will participate in hands-on experiments and crafts to learn about the Sun, Water, Earth, Air, & Animals. Historical activities could include but not limited to, Solar Photography & Water Filtration with Dirt to more modern activities like Invisible Ink using Turmeric. This camp is perfect for the curious and hands-on kids!

This camp will be offered to the age group of:

1st-3rd grades   |   4th-6th grades

Camp Dates Available:

June 10th & 11th (1st-3rd grades) (FULL)
June 12th & 13th (1st-3rd grades)
June 24th & 25th (4th-6th grades)
June 26th & 27th (4th-6th grades)