“Peter Maughan Teamwork/Teambuilding/Leadership Course”

Youth ~ Corporate ~ Organization

Our course is named after Peter Maughan who led the original group of settlers to Cache Valley and settled Maughan’s Fort. He and his family, along with 6 other families met many challenges as they struggled to establish a new life. They would have had learn to work and play well together in order to survive and overcome these challenges.



The pioneer themed teamwork/team building course is patterned after initiative games currently used at modern “low ropes” courses. It has a pioneer theme because it employs plausible historical pioneer challenges such as river crossings, river rescues, battling crickets, and out running prairie fires as the basis for team building activities.



The goal of the initiative activities is to have participants feel good about themselves and have the skills and confidence needed to work together well with others and to be able to apply what they have learned to situations in their home, school, place of work and personal lives. It is designed and can be used to improve the confidence of participants, provide a physical and/or mental challenge, improve teamwork skills, break down barriers and stereotypes, etc. Our instructors make the attempt to make the experience as relevant to participants as possible.
The addition of historical challenges to the course increases the fun, interest, education and makes it more memorable.
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