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“Willie Handcart Experience Journal 2014”


We had a great time on trek this year, and want to thank everyone that came to enjoy the experience with us. Below are some experiences that have been passed onto us for your enjoyment. We hope that you’ll come out and trek with us in the future.


“The best part for me personally, I guess the big pay-off, was the testimony meeting, and to see that after (three) days, what a wonderful experience this could be just to strengthen testimonies and how it can bring them back to their ancestors and have them appreciate what they do have.”
~ Lexi Stuart


“I could feel that the Spirit was there so much, and that this was the right thing to come out and do.”
~ Easton Ronbinson (14 yr old)

“I think the big thing was to relate to the pioneers and get that story of being able to relate, and know what they had gone through, and the other part of that is the camaraderie. Our stake has three different high schools that they funnel into, and so these kids don’t know each other very well, and so doing this was for the camaraderie. When you do hard things together, you kind of stick together.”
~ Lexi Stuart


“We are thankful to have your group to help with our Trek experience.
You and your staff do an excellent job helping plan and carry out a successful Trek.
We will enthusiastically recommend that our Stake return next time.”
~ Brandt Taylor

“We wanted to express our gratitude and thanks for the opportunity to work with AWHC and Hardware Ranch for our Trek this last weekend. Your staff was excellent. They took great care of us and attended to every need. At every step of the way it has been a joy and pleasure to work with you folks.

We appreciated so much the detail that has gone into your planning and execution. We could see the thought and work you’ve done to research each day’s Trek path to accomplish a certain goal for that day. It was very well laid out and accomplished what we wanted to have happen each day.

This whole Trek experience from beginning to end was a delight and we would give AWHC high marks in every aspect from planning and preparation with us to implementation and execution. We most definitely would recommend you to any other organization and we would be delighted to come again in a future year.”
~ Bart Wiscomb

Thank you for putting on such a great trek experience. Yes, everything went great!
We appreciated how professional and attentive all of the staff was from start to finish of this whole process.
I will definetley spread the word of what a great experience we had.
~ Dan Howard

—More Journal Entries/Testimonials Coming Soon…….

Contact our Trek Masters
Chris Schultz or Chance Getz  at 435-245-6050 ext. 104 for information on pricing, dates and details.
Chris Schultz = cschultz@awhc.org or Chance Getz = cgetz@awhc.org


We’re very excited that the food for treks this year will be provided by Elements/Coppermill Restaurants!