Mendon Cabin

The Mendon Cabin was built around 1860 in Mendon Utah, by Irish immigrant Michael Murphy. In 1893, it was purchased by John and Susannah Ladle and removed from the original location to the Ladle’s property. The log cabin was added onto and the Ladle family lived there with 10 their children.
In 2015, the cabin was rediscovered by Vicky Doolittle, a direct descendant of the Ladle Family. When the Doolittle’s went to tear the home down, they found the cabin and it was donated to the American West Heritage Center.
Most aspects of the cabin are original to the property, even if they are not original to the cabin. All of the extra wood was milled from large pine trees near the house and were used to make the upper portion of the cabin, the steps, shingles, and frame in the windows. The windows are originals from the home.