Feature A Volunteer-Jerry Spriet


We interviewed Jerry Spriet from the American West Heritage Center to learn about his duties as train conductor each year. Remember to visit Baby Animal Days to see Jerry and to enjoy this wonderful attraction!


How long have you been driving the train?
JS – This will be my third year.
What are your main duties with the train?
JS – Giving a safe and enjoyable ride to everyone.  The engineer helps children and adults who need assistance to get on and off the train.  Making sure the train is in good working order is also a big part of the job.
What are the highlights about the train at Baby Animal Days?
JS – Seeing such a long line to ride the train.  Everyone in line and riding the train are happy.
What is your favorite part about being the conductor?
JS – Seeing the joy on the kids’ faces riding the train.
What are some things that people would never guess regarding either the train, the American West Heritage Center, or Baby Animal Days? Any insider scoop details that would be interesting!
JS – All ages, including children, can come to the Center and volunteer. It is a great and rewarding experience.  You meet interesting people from all over including people from foreign countries.  And you learn a lot of fun things.  Volunteers can work in lots of areas besides driving the train including a 1917 farm house, the pioneer site, the mountain man site, pony rides, 1880’s old west and much more.  Many people also work at the Center everyday to maintain the buildings and grounds and take care of the animals.  Things at the Center are always being improved on and upgraded to make sure visitors have the best possible experience.  It is so rewarding being able to teach people about the history of the west from 1820 to 1920.